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Meda is an international specialty pharma company with its own sales organisations in close to 60 countries and operations expanding in growth markets. At Meda, we're constantly evolving our impressive product range. In the UK we currently have over 70 products, including many well-known prescription and pharmacy brands. Our ever-expanding product portfolio covers a wide range of treatment areas with a focus in allergy and dermatology.
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Olympus Keymed
Olympus is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative optical and digital equipment such as endoscopes, microscopes, cameras and voice recorders for medical, scientific and industrial use. Founded in Japan in 1919, Olympus has stood for pioneering spirit and innovation for more than 90 years.
The Olympus Medical Systems Division offers a variety of solutions for the healthcare sector, constantly seeking to improve diagnostic procedures and the treatment of many diseases. Olympus is committed to developing new technologies, products, services and financial solutions that comply with the toughest industry standards, offering our customers improved safety, security, quality and productivity.
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DTR Medical
A leading manufacturer of sterile single-use surgical instruments used widely by most specialities. The products are produced to high quality specifications supported by strong customer service. The range has been developed to meet clinical need and the resulting benefits are a combination of time, life or cost savings that are so important to today's healthcare providers.

The company operates its own cleanroom production facility in Swansea, South Wales, UK. In addition to manufacturing the DTR Medical brand of single-use instruments, cleanroom contract manufacturing services are provided to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device customers.

There is a strong track record for growth which has come from delivering patient and clinical value to public and private healthcare providers in the UK and across the world. The company holds Investors in People for the training and development of the team and it is the proud recipient of two MediWales Outstanding Growth Awards, the 2012 Innovation Award, and most recently the 2014 Export Achievement Award.

Recent product launches include a new Rotating Cervical Biopsy Punch and Clearway Suction Handle for foreign body removal from noses and ears. Collaboration with local universities provide a strong forward pipeline of new UK manufactured products that take advantage of the latest materials and processes.
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We are extremely grateful to Promed Ltd. for helping us to exhibit our works at BACO this year.
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Single Use Surgical
Established in 2001 as a response to growing concerns over cleaning of reusable fine lumen instruments, Single Use Surgical is the UK’s leading manufacturer of high quality single use surgical instruments and specialist suction devices.

Designed in consultation with surgeons, the Single Use Surgical range retains the same functionality, look and feel as traditional reusable instruments-enabling hospitals to remove difficult to clean devices from their instrument trays, ultimately reducing the risk, and cost of, patient to patient cross-infections.

Continuous product development ensures a growing range innovative devices in various surgical specialities including ENT, Head and Neck, Gynaecology, Laparoscopy, General and Vascular surgery, all featuring improved ergonomics and functionality, as well as consistent quality and a safe alternative to reusable.
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Corinthian Surgical
Corinthian was founded in 1997 by Hannah Fleming to market a unique bone cement for ear surgery developed especially for otology as part of a European project.
It is our mission at Corinthian to develop innovative biomaterials that improves quality of life for both clinicians and patients.
We are a group of energetic, high-spirited professionals that believe quality matters most and will try at all times to provide the very highest level of support.
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The European Rhinologic Society
We would like to thank the European Rhinologic Society for their support and encouragement, and for sponsoring our initial web hosting arrangements.
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