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SurgTech - Support or work with us.
Opportunities for organisations to contribute.

SurgTech's aim is to promote surgical education, and we recognise that we cannot do this alone.
Technology & pharma companies, patient groups, other publishers and others are invited to assist us in our mission.

More about SurgTech
We are a non-profit organisation established to promote surgical education.
We were founded in 2013 by
Martyn Barnes, an Ear, Nose, and Throat surgeon.
We are run by volunteers and have an open membership and board.
We run this website - (amongst other things a peer reviewed publication).
We are developing novel means to capture, edit, and disseminate novel electronic media.
Stereoscopic materials, Anatomical Models, Imaging Datasets, Virtual Endoscopy (coming soon).
We offer
our online platform to others as a free online publishing solution.

How can your organisation help?
There are many ways other organisations can contribute towards our cause.
Financial Contributions - all profits go towards educational development.
Advertising agreements - many options available - e.g. see the sidebar demo.
Combined Projects - Commission us to create specific content.
Online Publishing - Your materials are welcome on our site, if they are of genuine educational value.
Spreading the word - Tell your employees & customers about us, link us from your website.
Other ways - e.g. Help us with our IT, Media, Legal, or Administrative work.
We are a small organisation with limited internal resources.

All contributions are extensively acknowledged and appreciated.
Further details are available in
our guide for SurgTech supporters.
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