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Instructions to Authors

If you wish to submit materials to SurgTech, please follow the guidelines below.
Authors should first email an abstract / proposal to
We will then provide instructions on how to transfer the materials to us, the copyright release, and affirmation of patient consent.

All SurgTech contributions are peer-reviewed.
Based on peer-review recommendations, content may be...
1. Added to one of our Atlases.
2. Added to the SurgTech library.
3. Rejected.

Instructional Video Submissions
Instructional videos may relate to surgical technique, examination, history, and communication skills or any other aspect of surgical care.
Contributions are judged primarily on educational content, but high definition well edited video with instructional narrative is preferred.
Most video formats / codecs can be accepted.
Supporting text should be provided - Authors, affiliations, an abstract, points of contention, a narrative transcript (if present), and references (if required).

Anatomic Model Submissions
Models can be created from a series of photos of an anatomic / surgical exposure or most other objects of interest. We can do the processing - you simply need to send us the photo series. The process is highly variable however, and so we cannot guarantee success. We are working on refinements to address this.
Models themselves can also be submitted in most formats, and once uploaded, anatomic points of interest can be added.
Supporting text should be provided - Authors, affiliations, an abstract, full descriptive text, and references (if required).

Further Information
Material is only accepted if rights are provided to allow us to publish it according to our copyright release.
Videos should not be branded, although this may not preclude submission - we will add attribution to both the authors and before releasing content on the website.
See also
our full terms and conditions.
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