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Recent Activity of the Association

Recent Presentations
We presented our recent works and technology demonstrations at...
25th Congress of the European Rhinologic Society, Amsterdam, 22nd-26th June 2014
15th International Rhinologic Society Meeting, Dubai, 20th-24th November 2014
3rd Congress of European ORL, Prague, 7th-11th June 2015
15th British Academic Conference in Otolaryngology, Liverpool, 8th-10th July 2015
56th Irish ORL / Head & neck society meeting, Co. Clare, Ireland 9th-10th Oct 2015

Enormous thanks to
Promed for allowing us to exhibit alongside them at BACO 2015.

Coming Soon
See you at
the 26th European Rhinologic Society Congress, Stockholm, 3rd-7th July 2016, where we will be hosting a symposium on 3D in Rhinology.

Building the Association
Our executive committee runs the organisation on behalf of our membership.
We currently have over 1200 visits a month and over a thousand newsletter subscribers.

Building Support
We have received our first grants and sponsorship arrangements and
We are currently raising money for...
1. Improved 3D capture solutions.

Website Development
We have made enormous strides in 2015, making content that has been in development for years accessible to all on our website.
With great thanks to
Meda pharma for a generous grant, we have also bought our first file server - securing our data and allowing us to share enormous volumes of video and 3D modelling content within the association wherever we are based in the world.

Stereoscopic Developments
We have established the capability to present stereoscopic materials at major international meetings; a facility we make available for all.

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Thanks to our
peer reviewers

Kim Ah-See
Martyn Barnes
Jochen Bretschneider
Mike Davison
Prof. Richard Douglas
Prof. Wytske Fokkens
Quentin Gardiner
Iain Hathorn
Claire Hopkins
Christopher McCann
Gerald McGarry
Dirk Jan Menger
Mohammed Miah
Salil Nair
Peter Ross
Anshul Sama
Pavol Surda
Nolst Trenité
May Yaneza
Hadé Vuyk

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