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Cadaveric Dissection at ERS Amsterdam 2014:
FESS inc. Frontal
Surgery - Prof. Manuel Bernal Sprekelsen and Mr Christos Georgalas
Capture and Editing - the ERS (European Rhinologic Society)
and Mr Pavol Surda, UK
01:20 Posterior Ethmoidectomy (Christos Georgalas)
08:50 Orbital Decompression (Christos Georgalas)
16:50 Endoscopic DCR (Manuel Sprekelsen)
34:20 Draf III (Christos Georgalas)
55:00 FESS - Wrong way (Georgalas/Sprekelsen)
1:10:00 Discussion
1:14:00 Discussion/Hadad Flap (Manuel Sprekelsen)
1:20:00 Overview
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